Waterfall Construction

Waterfall construction is not hard if you have the right information and a good plan in hand!

The best way is to use a FilterFalls that contains a biofilter and comes with a spillway to help prevent leakage around the waterfall.

This is a good way to build a waterfall, but certainly not the only way.

How to build a backyard waterfall.
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A FilterFalls is equipped with a removable cover that allows easy access to the biological filter inside the tank.

This cover can be hidden with a stone or a potted plant.


This is the outlet of the FilterFalls.

This outlet has a spillway which extends from one side of the tank. The purpose of this spillway is to distribute the water flow evenly across the width of the falls.

This extension from the tank also allows the water to be shed onto the rock surface preventing water loss.


The liner of the pond is extended up the side of the FilterFalls and secured just under the extended lip providing a water tight seal.

This liner directs any water that passes between the rocks back into the pond.

If you are using a preformed pond or the liner that you already have installed is too short just add a piece of liner.

This added piece of liner can then be secured to the tank at the outlet and draped into the pond directing any escaping water back into the pond.


A FilterFalls has a built in biological filter and is very large in size.

This filter can handle the large flow of water needed for a good looking backyard waterfall. Just fill with a no-clog media and let the good bacteria colonize.

This ensures that you have the right biological filter for the water flow of your falls and eliminates any guess work in your waterfall construction.


This is the inlet for the FilterFalls and is placed low on the tank so that the water will pass up through the biological filter and out the top.

FilterFalls come in various sizes depending on how wide you want your falls to be. The wider the falls the more gallons per-hour it will require! This inlet is sized accordingly.


This is the pump that powers the waterfall.

This is just for illustration only and your ponds plumbing may differ. You may have an ultraviolet sterilizer or a skimmer as a part of your ponds plumbing and these are not illustrated in this waterfall construction guide.

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