Water Garden Pictures

We have some great water garden pictures for you to enjoy.

You may have heard the phrase "a picture of garden ponds is worth a thousand words".

Then these pic of garden ponds can speak for them self.

The objective of these pictures of water garden ponds is to inspire your imagination to help you visualize your own creation.

In viewing these pictures of garden ponds you can get ideas for your own design.

We snapped the picture of water garden ponds you see here on the pond tour we took, inspiring us to share them with the you.

If you want to have an enjoyable weekend, take a pond tour or two, if you can find one in your town, and get more ideas for creating your own oasis.

The pictures that we have included are just a small sampling of what you can do with a small yard or patio.

Water garden pictures, Tropoical and Hardy lilies. A beautiful landscaped pond. Another beautiful landscaped pond. Black Taro plant. Landscaped pond and bridge. Bridge to Paradise. Garden Walkway. Aquatic plants hugging bridge. Garden pond bridge. Lots of lillies. Large Taro.

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