Umbrella Palm

The umbrella palm, Cyperus involucratus is a great accent to any pond or patio, and also makes an excellent house plant.

Umbrella Palm in front of waterfall.

Umbrella Palm and lilly pads in pond. Dwarf Palm sundancing next to waterfall.

The plant will thrive in just about any place that it is planted, but in the southern part of the United States and any tropical or subtropical climate, it will grow to 5 or 6 feet in height and will lend a very tropical feel to the landscape.

This is a very popular plant which can reach a height of 3' to 4' tall, best in zones 9-11.

The green stems with green "fronds" shaped like umbrellas grow in full to partial sun, and preferring a depth of between 1 and 6 inches of water.

Plant in one gallon containers now, to a depth of 0-6 inches and you will have lush green fronds by the end of the season and will appear to have been planted as a 10 gallon plant.

The palm can self sow, becoming a weed if not kept in check in the warmer climates, thus planting in pots will contain these plants if you live in subtropical or tropical conditions.

If your pond is small or space is tight, the dwarf umbrella is an excellent choice because it reaches a height of only 2' or less.

The dwarf variety, known as Gracilis, grows in zones 7-11 requiring a bit more sun than its larger counterpart.

When winter comes and the plant has frozen in the cold climate, remove all of the foliage, add mulch, or bring indoors and in the spring, the plant will come back.

Whatever Umbrella palm you choose is sure to be a winner when placed on the edge of your garden pond, lending another tropical feel to the pond for your enjoyment.