Shubunkin Goldfish

Shubunkin goldfish; are another type of comet fish with a calico mix of colors, growing to a length of 12 inches.

Sturdier than Koi and almost as pretty, the Shubunkin does not get any larger than the Comet or Sarasa fish, making this fish a perfect first addition to a small garden pond.

The shubunkin originated in Japan around 1900, has transparent scales that are nearly opalescent, almost sparkly in quality. The color continues into the fins with the best coloration dependent on genetics. Sometimes these fish can possess genes of the metallic goldfish, thus affecting coloration.

The American Shubunkin which, is also referred to as the Japanese/American Shubunkin has a forked fin that should be as long as the body.

The Bristol Shubunkin has longer fins, a rounded caudal fin and lobes that are very noticeable in the young fish.

The London Shubunkin, more common than the Bristol Shubunkin is more like a common goldfish, though more colorful.

Give your Shubunkin salt because salt decreases nitrites and help them obtain a slime layer, their disease fighter. Salt also decreases osmotic pressures.


Japanese American Shubunkin   A Shubunkin can be as colorful as Koi fish.

You will also want to neutralize your ammonia load; created by foods both uneaten and digested. Be sure that your filter is adequate to handle the fish load. Adequate filtration removes a lot of the toxins and with built in fountains or waterfalls the water is also aerated. If your filter is not up to the task, you will have to change the water frequently to avoid problems with your shubunkins.

One think to note, don't put them in with other comets because they eat a lot and will not share with your other fish.

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