Red Ludwigia

Distinguished by its red to purple leaves, Red Ludwigia repens, from the family Onagraceae, grows in marshy areas, blooms from spring to fall, is native to Florida, and is also known as waterpurslane or waterprimrose.

The plant grows upright to start and then lays over so that roots can sprout from its lower nodes. Requires lots of sunlight to turn the leaves the characteristic red but is an easy plant to grow.

Height generally reaches 12-20 inches, width 2-3, growing in little bunches.

If pruned, the plant will become bushier.

Known as a hardy submerged pond plant in zones 4-10, the leaves will be the only thing that breaks the surface of the pond.

The plant is a great oxygenator and will help control algae because it competes for light and nutrients already in your pond.

If your pond is shallow and freezes in winter, bring the plant inside, place under a grow light in a bucket or plastic pool with water.

As always, with any submerged plant, your water quality will be great if you keep about half (50%) of your ponds surface planted.