Pondless Waterfall

Just exactly what is a pondless waterfall?

The name implies just what the product is: no pond but a great water feature!

What are some of the features of a pondless waterfall?

Pondless Ponds are the latest thing in water features.

Pondless Ponds are like regular ponds, they are both lined holes in the ground. But this type of water feature is filled with small rock so that they don't have an open water hazard.

These water features are more cost effective than installing a pond both at the outset and down the road maintenance. The sound that the waterfall makes while cascading is unmatched by anything that you place in your garden.

Not having the worry associated with keeping fish is another advantage to the pondless waterfall, especially if you are away from home for any period of time.

With this system in place your utility bill will not suffer as much as with a living pond that requires continuous filtration to provide oxygen for the organisms contained within. The best part of all is that you can build one of these pondless waterfalls in limited space without the usual safety concerns associated with a pond.

Where does the water come from or go to? A system of plastic tubing is situated in such a manner to re-circulate the water from the reservoir up through to the waterfall and back down into the reservoir, via a pump large enough to handle the job. To sum it up, if you are looking to add a water feature but have limited space and resources, a pondless waterfall should be considered.

Whatever you decide to do, the environment that you create will give you and yours many times to remember.

Babbling brook with a waterfall

A stream in the backyard is very easy to build and maintain because you can do this water feature without the usual filters and continuous cleaning that a pond requires.

Babbling brook with a waterfall

The principle involved is to pump the water through rock and gravel in a recirculating mode, replacing occasionally when it evaporates.

As with other water feature installations, you will want to decide where your babbling brook will be placed. To do this, select a favorite place in your yard, sit down and imagine your stream. You can even build the brook above ground especially if your ground is very hard.

For sound, a waterfall height of 2-4 inches is all that is necessary but if you are looking to quell street noise, you will need a larger waterfall, say up to 10 inches or more. You can also add more than one waterfall, doubling not only noise drowning but your listening enjoyment.

As with any back yard, side yard or front yard water feature, be sure to check with your local building code enforcement first and be aware that small children are drawn to water and can drown in a teaspoonful. Also, as with digging a pond, if you dig a little brook, check with your local utilities prior to digging.

Most utility companies are all to happy to accommodate homeowners and will locate underground utilities, flagging them for easy identification.

Whatever you decide to build, you can rest assured that your creation will improve your life in so many ways.

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