Pond Fish Pictures

Here are our pond fish pictures. We had a lot of fun with these goldfish pond pictures and with the fish.

Pond Fish Pictures

Goldfish are much easier to care for because they do not pollute the water as heavily as do koi and they have quite the little personality.

They are just as colorful as you can see from these fish pond pictures.

If you do lose a few of these fish you won't be as devastated as if you were to lose one koi.

We hope that you enjoy viewing these pond and fish pictures as much as we enjoyed taking them.

Also these goldfish will not uproot all of your aquatic plants.

With more fish per square foot and less expensive they are a great alternative to the larger and expense Koi fish.

Pond fish pictures | One of the many pond fish pictures. This is a fancy gold fish. Gold fish in the shade. Making ripples. Foraging near the rocks. So much color in a small space. Feed me. A feathery tail. Look at me, I'm pretty. Oh what is the attraction? My favorite lily pad.

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