Pictures Of Garden ponds

We had such fun taking these pictures of garden ponds, especially the ones of the frogs on rocks and lily pond pictures.

It was almost as though they were water garden pond pictures were posing just for us.

Viewing these garden ponds picture brings back fond memories of the beautiful summer day when they were taken.

Notice the beautiful lillies, blooming just for the occasion.

My camera did not get a break that day as we tried to capture the essence of what we were seeing.

The garden ponds that we visited were beyond description, outfitted with gorgeous landscaping, flowers that compliment the ponds, rocks placed strategically around the areas.

The entire experience of trying to capture the beauty of these ponds was a lot of fun and we met some gracious pond owners who were happy to have us take these water garden pictures.

Pictures of garden ponds, Hardy lilies. Reflections. Late afternoon. Natural bottom. Frog sunning on a Hardy waterlily. Frog sunning on a waterlily. Frog on pond rock. Lotus seed pod. Pink hardy lillies in sunlight dancing on the pond. Happy frog. Umbrella palm.

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