Pickerel Rush

The Pickerel Rush, a member of the Pontederiaceae family, the same family that includes the Water Hyacinth, is a tubular plant with flowers that come in various shades of blue to mauve and even white.

Pickerel Rush in front of stacked stone wall.

Pickerel Rush up close. Dense Pickerel Rush

The leaf size can grow to 8"x3" making it a very narrow arrowhead shaped leaf that is olive green, clumping into lush groups. A native North American plant, it has found its way in to other countries, where it is planted for decoration.

This plant is a beautiful aquatic pond plant that is also winter hardy, growing in zones 4-11.

Place the plant in 2 to 3 clusters in a large pot, covering the roots with 2-12 inches of water, because the plant can grow to a height of 4 feet.

For best wintering pull the potted plants and bring indoors.

When handling this plant, be aware of the spines and sharp edges on the flower stalk, or leaf bract and sprinkled around the leaves.

The Pickerel rush requires full sun to grow and bloom between May and October in order to flower. The plant itself can grow to 4 feet and does an excellent job of filtering your pond water. The roots systems filter out algae in great quantities, making this plant invaluable in the pond.

One word of caution about these plants is that they can grow prolifically in the warmer climates, taking over other places that you have placed other plants. For this reason, and for ease of use, do plant them in 5 gallon pots.

Some southern states, such as South Carolina and Louisiana have banned there use because they will overtake an area.

In short, if you are looking for a beautiful plant for your ponds edge that is easy to grow, and has flowers that last when cut , one or two of these will "set the stage".