Liner Size Calculator

Our liner size calculator requires just 4 measurements.

Example of the measurements that you will have to have on hand are the length, width, depth and the amount of overlay you may need.

The overlay is the amount of liner material needed beyond the edge of the pond. If you want 2 feet, for rock and plant placement around the edge of your pond, enter 2 in the overlay box below.

You will need an underlayment, under your liner, the square footage figure will help you to determine the size of underlayment required.


EPDM pond liners are available in widths of 5 foot increments up to 30 foot in width. The length will be cut according to your requirements.

Liner calculator:

Length (In Feet)
Width (In Feet)
Depth (In Feet)
Overlay (In Feet) NOTE: Overlay is the amount material that you wish to extent around the top edge of your pond.

Liner Length
Liner Width
Square Foot

Use the square foot number for determining of the amount of underlayment required.
This number was increased by 10% for waste and overlap of underlayment.