Koi Fish Pictures

Oh what fun it is to have these koi fish pictures, but even more fun to have koi fish.

We had so much fun taking these pictures of koi.

The koi pond pictures bring back so many pleasant memories of our pond tour days.

Notice how shady all of these ponds are and for good reason.

Koi need to be able to get to shade periodically just as we do.

We hope that the fish pictures we have presented will inspire you all the more to consider making koi part of your pond.

Here are some Koi and pond fish pictures.

With a large inventory of pictures to share with you why not view these pictures also.

To see more great Koi and pond fish pictures, see the pages below.

Pond Fish Pictures

Garden ponds pictures are very helpful to people who are interested in creating their own pond.

One of the koi fish pictures showing koi shaded by lily pads. What a coloful koi fish. This koi could almost jump out at you. Peeking out from the pad. I love my home. What's under this rock? Okay students, time to learn. Reflection of koi. Koi amongst the landscape. Time for shade. Large, colorfull koi.

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