Juncus Big Twister

Growing in full sun to partial shade, the Juncus Big Twister is a water grass marginal plant, known as Juncus effusus in the family Juncaceae.

Juncus Big Twister against the rocks .

Characterized by corkscrew-like dark green foliage with a gold stripe running the length of the blade.

The plant can be used in pots, but is hardy enough to withstand -20 degree temperatures. The plant is sometimes known as corkscrew rush or spiral rush and is considered a one of a kind grass plant.

Plant in pots that can be submerged because the roots or stolons will spread and soon take over the wet areas.

The plant grows to a height of 18-24 inches, has foliage from Spring to Fall and likes to be in full sun to partial shade, grows in acidic soil, can tolerate drought when grown in the ground.

Cut back the leaves in the fall for rejuvenation the next spring. Considered an attention getter with its twisting and turning upright foliage, the plant exudes visual interest because it is so unique.

The only problem with the plant is that it can be considered invasive in the warmer climates.

In closing, if you decide to place this plant in the marginal area of your pond and part of the landscape, enjoy its uniqueness and texture as part of the overall "plantscape".

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