Some Of The Best Garden Pond Plants Are Deep Water Plants.

Garden pond plants such as the water lily are grown in 10"-18" of water over the pot or crown of the plant.

Deep Water Plants

One of the great benefits of deep water plants is that butterflies are attracted to the nectar found in the flowers.

The plants are a necessary part of the overall pond environment because they help filter the water, provide shelter for fish, both adult and fry and shade the pond.

The plants also aid in reducing nitrate levels, and absorb tremendous amounts of the organic matter produced by your fish and their food.

The plant stabilizes water chemistry and are a necessary player in some fish breeding.

Water lilies are a colorful deep water plant that adds fragrance to the pond.

The tropical variety is the most colorful and is great for preventing oxygen loss while keeping your pond cooler. Another fine example of these plants is known as Water Hawthorne.

This plant blooms year round in certain areas of the world with snow white flowers that are heavily vanilla scented.

Still another is floating heart, or miniature water lily, with bright yellow flowers.

And another is the yellow pond lily with large heart shaped pads.

Treat your deep water plants as annuals or bring inside for the winter months.

Growing them in pots will make this task a lot easier.

Whatever plants you choose for your pond garden are sure to add to its overall look and feel.

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