Garden Pond Pictures

Rounding out our garden pond pictures pages are some pond photos taken at various ponds in recent years.

Again, we had the pleasure of not only taking these breathtaking ponds pictures but of meeting some great garden ponds enthusiasts.

The pictures of garden pond that we think are especially nice are those of the fish and of the wildflowers and other fauna planted in and around the ponds.

Anyone can tell that the homeowners did an extensive amount of research of the flora and fauna surrounding their ponds.

The pictures of garden ponds that we have included are just a small sampling of what you can do with a small yard or patio.

Garden Ponds Pictures Frog statuary placed on a rock. Waterfall over flat rock, resembling a glen. Lighthouse lighting the way. Water hyacinths in bloom. Landscape enhanced pond with lots of lillies. Lots of plants lending texture to the pond. How blue the sky is when reflected by the water. Many different fish co-existing in the pond. Pond surrounded by rock and driftwood. Plants, flowers, statues hugging the pond.

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