A garden pond liner is needed
to keep the water in your pond.

A garden pond can be lined with either a rigid liner (preformed pond), or a flexible liner.

All pond liners must be fish and plant safe, because of chemicals used in other types of materials such as a pool liner, which will not make a good pond liner.

A flexible pond liner will let you create a pond shape that will fit the landscape and the size or shape that you desire.

There are several types of flexible liners to choose from such as..........

Garden ponds with a unique shape will require a flexible liner even if smaller in size.

Pond underlay is recommended under flexible liners.

A pond liner underlay is a fabric mat that helps prevent small stone intrusion and keeps roots away from your liner.

These preformed ponds are smaller in size with plant shelves built right in.

A preformed pond is very good for displaying aquatic plants or small fish but may not be right for koi fish.

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