Four Leaf Clover

Floating flat on the pond's surface, the four leaf clover cover the surface, growing quickly to help eliminate algae and oxygenate the water.

Floating Four Leaf Clover

Floating Four Leaf Clover Close Up

They sometimes sprout a little white five petal flower with splashes of yellow emanating from the center, and 2 double leaflets, appearing as 4 leaves.

The plant reproduces with spores or with rhizomes, the latter allowing the plant to over winter underground.

Growing in clusters that are 3-4 inches wide, these plants are known as ferns in the genus class, Marsilea mutica, look much like the clover plants in the yard, can be planted in full sun to shade, and grow best in hardiness zones 6-11.

West of the Mississippi RIver, the Marsilea vestita grows in ponds, and anywhere that is consistently wet, and when the dry season comes, dampness can be spotted easily where the plants grow.

If you choose to plant four leaf water clover on the shore of your pond, you will be surprised at how it softens the landscape at the pond's edge.

If the roots are beneath the water line, there is no need to feed the plant because fish waste does this job all by itself.

The ability to withstand cold temperatures to minus 20 degrees, the leaves remain green for some time after frost, but if your climate gets colder, you can winter these plants as though they were house plants.

Enjoy your four leaf water clovers as part of your beautifully landscaped pond.

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