Dwarf Bamboo

Dulichium arundinaceum, Dwarf Bamboo has slender stalks that grow to 18 to 24 inches, is not considered a true bamboo, grows in clumps formed by underground runners and has marginal flowers that bloom in July and August.

Dwarf Bamboo at pond's edge.

This plant can be placed at a planting depth of 8 inches in a streambed or on the first shelf of your pond. Hardy in zones 5 thru 11, the plant likes full sun to full shade and will make a great addition to the pond.

There are many other types of bamboo from which to choose. Marbled bamboo with marbled leaves of cream and purple, known as Chimonobambusa marmorea, can be either an indoor or pond plant. Its height reaches 6 feet and prefers partial shade.

Known as the species Pleioblastus variegatus, Dwarf Whitestripe Bamboo grows to a height of 4 feeeat t, is hardy to -15 degrees, zones 4 thru 10, and can be considered a graccent to your pond. Just cut down to the ground in early spring for renewed growth.

The plant can also be grown in 4 inch pots, has variegated leaves, green with a white stripe, thus the name. It can also be planted in the ground for a great ground cover and likes either sun or shade.

There are tropical bamboos too, such as the Bambus vulgaris or Dwarf Buddha Belly Bamboo perfect for warmer, more humid climate ponds. Bambusa multiplex is a tropical dwarf with yellowish culms that can grow to 10 feet in Florida, will tolerate zones up to 8 which puts it in Georgia.

Whatever part of the world you live in, you and your pond will benefit from the addition of the bamboo plant.