Duckweed, or Lemnaceae, are very small floating pond plants that grow around the world, grow very quickly.

The flowering plant is extremely delicate, making it very hard to just pick up with the fingers, or garden tools.


A floating pond plant.

Use of netting to get underneath the plant is the only way to handle it.

Species are different around the world due to climate from the highest to lowest altitude, therefore if you want to grow it, obtain only local cultures.

Much is being studied about the growth and development of these plants including use by the pharmaceutical industry and as fish food, due to their rapid growth.

It is also being looked at for it potential to clean up pollution and to fight global warming.

Scientists at Rutgers Waksman Institute of Microbiology have convinced the U.S. government and the DOE(Department of Energy) to fund genome sequencing of the plant.

According to the research being done, it can clean wastewater of nitrogen and phosphate, and control algae growth, mosquito larvae, degrade toxic chemicals and encourage growth of aquatic marine life such as frogs and birds.

Be aware though,that these plants can be aggressive in a pond, taking it over to the point of oxygen depletion, so control it before the plants cover the entire surface of your pond.