DIY Water Feature

This DIY water feature was just as beautiful and colorful with its garden pond plants as any contractor built pond. From the waterfall to the lighthouse at ponds edge, this pond beckons you to enjoy.

As these homeowners sit in their screen room and enjoy their beautiful pond, We can only imagine what it must be like, but you can create your own oasis.

As with any do it yourself project, research is the key to success in planning your water feature. Always work with safety in mind first. Prior to excavation have your utilities checked for location of underground lines. If you and yours have small children, be especially mindful that a child can drown in a very small amount of water. Fencing around the pond will keep the little ones safe when you are not around.

Perhaps a better consideration when children are involved is a very shallow water feature such as a pondless water fall still located in such a way that small children can access it. A container pond or water wall will work also and is great for a small space DIY water feature.

In many locales, the water features are treated in the same manner as the zoning laws governing swimming pools. A building permit may be required especially if electrical wiring will be installed.

DIY water feature shaded by screen room.

Selecting a location for the pond will take a bit of research because you want it visible from the house or at least the deck or patio, but the pond needs sunlight for a few hours per day if you are to grow and maintain aquatic plants. For fish keeping, the pond can be in more shade, but if you do not have adequate shade and sun mixture, placing plants on the water surface will help keep your fish healthy.

Great DIY homeowner built pond. DIY Landscaping The bench beckons. So many elements to delight the eye Beautiful aquatic plants galore. Brook from the waterfall. Island-scape floating on surface. Many different ways to enjoy their pond. Umbrella Palm with screen in backdrop. Beautifully landscaped little waterfalls. A variety of aquatic plants. The lighthouse is a garden pond lighting feature. Iris takes center stage. Hyacinth and water lettuce corraled.

The pride of saying "I did it myself", lends itself to a feeling of accomplishment. This feeling extends way beyond the obvious financial savings to the simple joy of creating a wonderfully artistic landscape feature that is sure to please not only you but your family, friends and wildlife alike.

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