Container Pond Pictures

Our container pond pictures show what you can do with a small space.

Container garden ponds in a small space can be easily accomplished.

There are so many ways to incorporate a garden fountain and small ponds into a small space and make that space stand out. One way to incorporate container garden ponds in a small space is to setup a small prefabricated pond with a pump, tubing and centerpiece.

The centerpiece can be statuary, a pump kit that comes with various top fittings to change the water flow, or a large rock that has been drilled to fit your tubing.

With the rock you need only a pump and tubing, a container, smaller rocks and water. You do not even have to bury a decorative container and what you create is limited only by your imagination.

Granite ball spinning on water column. Terraced and landscaped small space water feature at patio's edge. Uplit small tree off deck's edge. Garden lighting. Wall garden lighting. Garden sculpture. Garden sculpture. Fish spitter. Small backyard landscaped with a pergola, bench, and water feature. Garden light. Small space pondless waterfall. Barrell fall. Jar fountain for patio garden. Lighted bubbler rocks. Lighted container water feature. Hollowed rock waterfall for a small space. Small entryway bubbler rock in urn.

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