Aquatic Plant Calculator

Our aquatic plant calculator will help you determine the total square footage recommended for coverage by plants.

Floating Plants

You should cover the surface of the pond with aquatic plants like water lilies or hyacinths, by 50-60%, any aquatic plant that will float on the surface will work to shade your pond.

Your pond needs shade to reduce the amount of algae growth, also fish require shade especially on very warm days.

On very warm days it is crucial to keep the water temperature from rising as fast as it would if there were no shade. Shading the pond will help in temperature control and inhibit algae growth. The plants will also add needed oxygen to your pond, and help reduce mosquito larvae.

Submerged Plants

Submerged aquatic plants are known as oxegenators because they are totally submerged in the water so all of the oxygen produced goes directly into the water. These plants also compete with algae and by doing so starves the algae of nitrogen.

Submerged plants are therefore a must for clean and clear water naturally, and a great food source for your fish. Think of these plants as an all in one cleanup for the bottom of your pond.

Our hope is that this aquatic plant calculator will help you select the right quantity of aquatic plants to produce a healthy environment for your fish and your pond.

Select Your Pond Type

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Rectangular or Square Pond:

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Shade is the amount of shade you wish to provide your pond with.

If your pond is in full sun, shade 50 - 70%.

Partial sun, shade 20 - 50% of the pond surface.

The value for shade must be entered as decimal, ie 50% would be entered as .50

Your ponds total surface area is sq. feet.


You will need to cover total square feet of surface with floating aquatic plants.

About hardy lilies should do the job quite nicely.

This is based on one healthy water lily covering 10 square feet of surface area.


You will need to cover total square feet of bottom surface with submerged aquatic plants.

Oxygenators such as Anacharis or Hornwort are sold in bunches so you will need about bunches, planted one bunch per square foot.