Invite nature into your life with garden ponds.

Are you interested in garden ponds or even Koi fish? A backyard waterfall will enhance your yard and give you hours of enjoyment.

A beautiful garden pond with bridge

With so many types of features and water garden plants your choices are limited only by your imagination.

Water gardens are a great way to get back to nature, we can help you get started with your own water feature and have lot's of pond pictures fo you to enjoy.

Our hope is that you will find just what you are looking for and not for a lot of money.

Envision your own backyard waterfall

Imagine water cascading gently over a ledge as it falls into your water garden, creating a soothing sound unmatched by anything else in nature.

A three tier waterfall with aquatic plants and proper landscaping are the ingredients for a great pond!

A backyard waterfall will be unique to you, giving it a look and feel like no other.

But do you have some concerns?

If you are saying to yourself "I would love a water feature in my backyard but what about..."

If you have concern's about algae, there are way's to reduce this problem.

How about a waterfall with no pool of water to care for!

If safety is a concern because of small children a pondless waterfall may be the solution for you. This type of water features has no pool of water.

The water simply disappears into a bed of rocks or gravel, and reappears over the falls.

Maintenance is reduced measurably because there is no water depth to care for.

If your concern is building your own we have some articles that can help you.

On our how to build a pond page you will find quite a few calculators and other articles on water feature construction.

Small Garden Water Features.

Water gardens don't need to be the biggest or the best to enjoy your garden setting.

A great little small garden pond.

There are more small garden ponds built by homeowners than large ones.

Lots of people use preformed ponds as a starting point for their project.

These are easy to install and care for with out a large outlay of money. They have shelf's built into them for water garden plants also.


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